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It is no secret that the key to a high-quality, lasting manicure and pedicure is preparation. That is where The GelBottle Inc comes in as your one-stop shop to achieve flawless nail services.

Introducing the latest TGB Tools Range, four new tools every professional nail tech needs in their nail kit. We created surgical grade tools, each designed with your and your clients’ comfort in mind. These pro tools feature an ergonomic, strain-free design, a one-of-a-kind champagne finish and durable, hygienic titanium coating.

4 Must-Have Tools

– ProNip: Cuticle nippers with a pointed tip and sharp, tapered 5-millimeter blade.

– ProClip: A nail clipper with sharp blades for smooth cuts for fingernails and toenails.

– ProTrim: Nail scissors that can do it all; snip natural nails, cuticles, forms, stickers and foils with a hexagonal handle for a superior grip.

– ProPrep: A dual-ended cuticle pusher with a straight blade for flawless prep and an efficient scoop end.

Find your new favorite tools and other essentials at The GelBottle Inc now.


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