Herbal of Orients – 90-minute session $199

Our ancestors discovered that beauty can be found in the garden and within nature. Using traditional healing herbs, Your skin will be revitalized, brightened, and strengthened. A warm herbal mask will make you feel comfortable. Ancient massage tools will be performed to lift and glow with hot stones to give you the utmost relaxation.

24K Empress – 60-minute session $180

A royal treatment using pure 24-karat gold that helps in cell regeneration, collagen synthesis, moisture-binding, and smoothening of lines to reveal youthful, bright, and silky soft skin. We line your face with real gold and melt it with our luxurious 24k serum. Next is a double layer of different gold masks to keep all the goodness from evaporating.

The Ritual – 60-minute session $180

An anti-aging and skin-rejuvenating facial customized for you. this facial uses Waterdrop LDM to infuse your skin with our youthful serums. HIFU and gold RF help stimulate collagen production, refine pores, and lift and tighten the skin as if time itself has been reversed. Mask, exfoliation, massage, and double cleansing are included.

Collagen Bounce – 60-minute session $155

An Ultra-hydration facial using marine collagen that melts on your skin to give it bounce and firmness. The lotus flower, Mali Jasmin, and Provence rose adds soothing quality to the skin.

Aquastar – 45-minute session $110

Our multi-step version of hydrafacial gives you glassy skin. Deep cleansing of pores using vortex technology, gentle fruit peel, serum infusion, high frequency, micro-current, and needle-free meso in one complete facial.

Oxygen Glo – 45-minute session $110

Using the C02 delivery system, this facial helps promote skin detox and face slimming by penetrating the skin barrier to stimulate cell metabolism to increase blood flow to hydrate, brighten, and cleanse the skin. There are seven skincare choices to choose from. Mask, exfoliation, massage, and double cleansing are included.

Add-ons to Facials

  • Signature Anti-aging Eyes Treatment 30 minutes $68
  • Tired Eyes Treatment 30 minutes $68
  • Smile Lines Release 30 minutes $68
  • Head, Neck, and Shoulder Massage 30 minutes $68
  • Breast Lymphatic Drainage Massage 30 minutes $90
  • Hand Treatment 30 minutes $32
  • Extraction $20
  • HIFU-LDM $99
  • Golden RF $99